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Smash and grab is a major problem for commercial facilities nationwide. Retail chains, jewelry stores and commercial entities including banks are susceptible to break-in and theft. Even when storefront glass is protected, doors are left unprotected because of the nature of their construction. Short of welding, there is nothing that can secure the snap rings which hold the glass to the frame.


ZLOK is the ultimate solution for smash and grab. This profile is especially designed to fit commercial doors. The new All Flexible ZLOK is manufactured from the same material and tape used in our GSS™ profile. It spans over the snap ring and attaches to the door frame, thereby preventing the ring from snapping out of its location upon impact. The profile is available in 40 foot rolls.

Furthermore smash & grab burglary is increasing and statistics show that more than 70% of these burglaries involve forced entry through the weakest links, glass doors and windows. Safety film alone will not provide the level of protection that is normally required. Pentagon Protection US provides "Total Glass Protection“ with our Pentagon ZLOK and Elite Anchoring Systems.


Pentagon Protection US's ZLOK installed with security film forms an almost invisible layer of protection strong enough to deny immediate access to the protected premises. 

ZLOK for Doors

Pentagon Protection US ZLOK for Doors
Pentagon Protection US
Pentagon Protection US

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