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  To replace any Pentagon Elite attachment :


   Recommended Tools:

 1)  Utility or Olfa knife

 2)  Multi speed drill (500-4000) RPM

 3)  4” Glue and pin-stripe eraser wheel

 4)  General Purpose adhesive remover

 5)  Rubbing alcohol (70 % or 90 %)

 6)  Lint free Cleaning Rags

 7)  Plastic chisel and scrapers

                                                                                                                                         3M  Pin stripe eraser wheel

•   Start to separate the Film side from the frame side of the

     Attachment by cutting the Flexible membrane (center) of the     

     attachment for the full length.

•   Use a plastic chisel or rigid plastic scraper to peel

     one or two inches of the attachment at from the   

     frame cutting through the tape. Start at  Corner.

•   Hold the end of the attachment(use pliers if necessary)

     and pull it out. The tape will shear at the core and tape

     residue will be left on the frame.

•   Using the drill and the 4” eraser disc start removing the adhesive

     residue line(s) by applying pressure while operating the       

     apparatus. The wheel must rotate clockwise and be applied

     to the tape from right to left. Therefore, the wheel must be rotating       

     into the tape to remove it without smearing.

•   Start with 500 rpm, then adjust the Drill speed to best fit the removal

     but never higher than 2000 rpm optimal  speed.

•   After the  residue is removed, Clean the frame using the general purpose

     adhesive remover and the lint free rags.

•   Use the rubbing alcohol and lint free rags to clean and polish the frame.

•   Now you are ready to install new attachment.                                                             Apparatus Operation

     Follow the attachment installation instructions.

        Recommended Products below:













                         Generic Wheel                                                                                                                                    3M Wheel




     This guide was developed to remove the tape residue quickly and efficiently without using chemicals in the process. This is only a         guide and Pentagon Protection US does not assume any liability for implementation.

Attachment removal and replacement

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