Glass Security Seal (GSS™)
  1. Measure the interior dimensions of the window frame edge–to-edge and cut the security film accordingly.

  2. Remove the gasket all around making sure to use rubber blocks or pieces of the same gasket to keep the glass pane in place.

  3. Perform the window film installation.

  4. Clean the film and the frame with isopropyl alcohol (90% concentration) using lint free rags making sure that the film is adhering to the glass where the tape is going to be applied and both frame and film are dry. Surfaces must be free from any foreign material.

  5. Measure edge to edge interior dimensions of the frame both vertical and horizontal and cut the GSS™ profile to match the measurement. Remember, “measure twice, cut once”.

  6. Starting with the vertical frame side, bend the GSS™ flanges upwards and push the gasket in place for the full length (remove blocks after gasket installation). pull back a small section of the profile and remove the tape release liner along the frame side and place into position. Continue to pull out small sections (6”-9”long) of the release liner and tape to the frame. Do not touch the bare tape with fingers, oily residue will damage the tape.

  7. Using a roller or the applicator (installation tool) apply constant and adequate pressure to the anchoring forcing out air bubbles and ensuring the best possible adhesion between the frame surface and the anchoring and ensure that the gasket is locked into the frame. Do not use excessive force

  8. Pull back the GSS™ section along the window film side and remove a small section of the release liner and place into position. Repeat step 7 above between the film surface and the GSS™. Continue the process until the installation is complete. Again make sure that you Do not touch the bare tape with fingers, oily residue will damage the tape.

  9. Repeat steps 6-8 for the opposite side.

  10. Cut to length and shape to fit the horizontal frame side and fit in the same manner as above, paying close attention to the cut and fit around the previously installed section.

Notes: If difficulty is encountered installing the gasket, flip back the flanges and hold the GSS™ profile at 45 degree angle then fit it in place and slide it to the corner and continue to press it in place for the full length. If necessary black silicone can be applied to tidy corners. These instructions are only a guide and not a substitute for Pentagon Protection professional training and certification.

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