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  1. Pentagon Elite® is designed for indoor installation on aluminium and vinyl surfaces and should not be installed on porous and damp surfaces.

  2. For an effective installation anchoring need to be installed in full surface contact with the film and the frame. It should never be attached to the widow/door gasket.

  3. Use proper tools to apply adequate and constant pressure to achieve full adhesion.

  4. Make sure to clean both the film and the frame from any dirt, grease or any foreign matter. Some industrial applications may need a different solvent in addition to alcohol, such as 3M general adhesive cleaner 08984 and adhesive promoter 4298 pads.

  5. In cold temperatures and where immediate adhesion is desired use the 4298 adhesive promoter.

  6. Make sure that the film edges, gasket and frame are dry if installing the anchoring after only 24 hours subsequent to film installation.

  7. Do not touch the bare tape with fingers, oily residue will damage the tape.

  8. Removal and replacement of the Pentagon Elite® can be done by cutting the flexible membrane using a utility blade. Pry the edge of the anchoring on the frame using a scraper then pull out continuously and evenly.

  9. Prior to installing the anchoring verify that the film edge clearance to the gasket is 1/8” maximum.

  10. After proper installation of the anchoring, no visible light should be seen at the corners where the horizontal and vertical installations meet as shown in Figure 7. If a gap exists, it must not exceed 1/16” and must be filled with appropriate colour silicon.

  11. Avoid overlapping or splicing the Pentagon Elite® anchoring under any circumstances (See Figs. 2 & 4 ).


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. These instructions are only a guide and not a substitute for Pentagon Protection professional training and certification.


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