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Glass Security Seal GSS™


GSS™ is a highly efficient and cost effective solution to anchoring window film. It combines the benefits of an attachment system and window gasket in one profile.

This unique design adds substantial strength to the anchoring because of the single extrusion method in manufacturing. It makes the film installation faster and simpler by eliminating the need for film edge trimming in daylight application.

Like all of our anchoring products, GSS™ profile is ideal for glazing retrofit, new and dry lamination projects and laminated glass. After installation the finished product appears to be part of the window unit due to its decorative look and black tape; the gasket and the seal become neatly indistinguishable. This profile was tested to ASTM 1642 standards and achieved GSA 2 & UFC minimal hazard ratings at 5.9 psi peak pressure and 32 psi-ms impulse.

Pentagon Protection US Glass Security Seal GSS

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